Get Business Festival

Activity Description

Get Business Festival is a big event for small busineses, the biggest one in Ukraine. 

To gather representatives of small and medium businesses for the largest business festival. To tell them how to develop faster, more efficiently, to involve them in networking and help the best of them to get help from large business professionals.

A business festival is like an ordinary festival but with their specific experts, rules and topics. Nothing can prevent it to be a real event of the year in its community.
solution.  We created an identity and branded the business festival as a musical open air event. We will create decoration for 8 stages and build the partner zone creatively—everything was integrated into the format of the festival for all360degrees.

Get Business Festival - 2017 
We got real lines at the entry with a very modest promotional budget for the promo. We ran the biggest event for small and medium business in Ukraine with over 2000 members and 80 speakers who shared their experience from the 8 stages non-stop.