CELEBRATE | October 14, 2020

SpaceCom Hosted SES Live During GEW 2020

Photo Credit: The New York Times

SpaceCom Conference & Exposition is the unrivaled global space event designed for those serious about the immediate and long-term opportunities of space commercialization. The event brings together early-stage startups and investors for three days of workshops and activities to stimulate investment and growth in the commercial space sector.

We host a series of events ending with The SpaceCom Entrepreneur Summit (SES) which finds and helps grow the most exciting and innovative commercial space start-ups in the world by providing them with a platform to pitch their ideas to investors and the global space community in true competition form. Top business leaders, investors, government agencies, engineers, scientists and entrepreneurs will unite to share strategic solutions, navigate challenges, boost intelligence, create partnerships and collaborate as a worldwide force.

As executive director of GEN Space, I am extremely eager to serve as a judge of the competition this year alongside another member of the Global Entrepreneurship Network (GEN) community, Srinivas Kollipara, president of GEN India. I hope for this year's event to catalyze the importance of global collaboration between ecosystems and open up a dialogue to navigate challenges among leaders in the industry.

All participating companies will be given access to at least a single two-hour small group mentoring session, run by a startup coach / expert. Prior to this session, each company must have prepared a one-minute pitch. During this interactive session, each company will be asked to present their one-minute pitch and will be provided with feedback. This one-minute pitch along with the application will be considered in the finalist selection process.

Selected finalists will give a live 5-minute pitch before a virtual panel of judges, and the winning company will be announced during the grand finale which takes place during Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW) on November 19.

Stephan Reckie is the executive director of GEN Space. He is a resilient, pragmatic, energetic, self-motivated, service-oriented, field… About the author