Amplifying 817: Music Entrepreneurship in Fort Worth

Activity Description

We don’t typically think of music when we talk about local business, but there is a thriving music industry right here in Fort Worth. This panel discussion will feature three business owners who are active members of Fort Worth’s music industry, moderated by Music Librarian Rita Alfaro.

Speakers include: 

  • Jason Suder is owner of Tulips, a new southside music venue.
  • Gerard Daily is an established musician and owner of Record Town music store.
  • Johndavid Bartlett is a longtime musician, multimedia producer, and former manager of the Caravan of Dreams. He also serves as a curator for the Fort Worth Public Library’s local music platform, Amplify 817, which helps expose emerging and established local artists to new audiences.
  • Rita Alfaro is Music Librarian at the Fort Worth Public Library. In addition to providing music programming and services to the community, she also manages the Amplify 817 local music platform and serves on Hear Fort Worth’s Support Music Committee.