Behind the Mask: State of Entrepreneurship Post COVID-19


A conversation on the new norm of Entrepreneurship after the pandemic

2020 has been a rousing year to say the least.  Many areas of life have been tremendously impacted and business as we know it has changed.  From the sudden pivots to the onslaught of potential funding, all the way down to companies having to close their doors, Entrepreneurship as we know it will never be the same.

Join us in this session as we dialog about the current state of Entrepreneurship.  We will discuss:

  • the latest trends
  • the pros and cons of starting a business during this time
  • resources currently available to Entrepreneurs
  • Opportunities to collaborate
  • Ways to stay engaged

Hear from industry professionals:

Ahmad Goree, Lead Economic Development Specialist, DFW SBA
Tyler Asher, Center Director for the Tennessee Small Business Development Center
Eli Logan, Hyperpreneur | Founder,
Lady J- Arts Vision DFW
Darlisa Diltz, Entrepreneur Educator, NTEETC

Issiah Thomas, Founder, Networking Knights