Brand Marketing to Promote a Region


Fully explore a successful cooperative local branding program from the Genuine Skagit Valley campaign. This session will inform and inspire others who may be considering implementing something similar in their own communities. Learn the hard work behind the scenes, how to create partnerships and options for funding. See how a well-executed branding effort elevates the visibility and showcases regional producers, and increases the value of their products, as well as ties in with destination marketing and connects the community. Challenges and critical considerations will also be examined.

Presenter: Blake Vanfield, Genuine Skagit Valley Director

Sponsor: Northwest Agriculture Business Center (NABC) 

Blake Vanfield is the Marketing & Membership Manager for Genuine Skagit Valley, a program to heighten consumer connection to the agriculture of the Skagit Valley. Her 12 years in the farm and food industry include running a cooking school and farm tour company, starting a farmers market, and consulting for food+farm establishments. Traversing each venture is Blake’s desire to elevate awareness of food systems by fostering community networks and generating strategic content.

Blake resides in Edison, WA, living dangerously close to the Breadfarm. When not eating macarons, she can be found gardening, chasing her toddler, or dreaming of that ever-elusive siesta.