The Career Women and Her Business - Teaching career women how to start and build their side businesses.


A one-day virtual interactive workshop for Career Women Serious about Their Business! 

There are lots of events geared towards full time entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship BUT there are women who are in careers that also seek to have side businesses.

They are having to manage their time, juggle responsibilities and trying to make the best of the resources they have after giving mist of their best time to their 9 to 5.

Someone might ask, why do not they leave their 9-5, you would be surprised that some people actually like their 9-5 jobs.

This event is for women who are in careers and want to still have a successful side business.

Listen to the Reviews from our Last workshop sessionHERE and  HERE

• Are you a career woman who truly loves her job and is simply looking to have a side business for extra income?

• Are you a career woman who is looking to start a side business and want to start it right?

• Are you a career woman who already has a side business and is struggling to manage both? Do you need ACTIONABLE STEPS on how to master your mind, how to manage your time, how to make social media work for you, how to put in place systems and strategies that DO NOT require you to be present before your business works?

• Do you need tangible resources and an action plan to take your side business to the next strategic level?

• Are you looking to network and connect with successful female entrepreneurs?


Then this workshop is for you.