Cleveland Real Estate Biz Expo

CLE Real Estate Biz Expo

We're celebrating GEW Week again this year by hosting a business training and resource expo for individuals that want to build wealth in real estate.

We have designed, produced, managed and marketed entrepreneur education training events for over 15 years, helping thousands of attendees gain access to resources, training, tools and programs.  We have designed this event to target individuals that aspire to build a business, are looking to grow their businesses in the real estate industry, specifically Cleveland, OH as it is one of the hottest markets.

Attendees will experience a public resource exhibitor expo, hear from presenters and speakers who are experts in the industry, and access several training sessions that will focus on; Sales & Marketing, Funding Strategies, Legal & Accounting, Access to Local Real Estate Inventory, panel discussions (to include a women and millennial panels) and using IRA to fund projects...along with one-on-one coaching sessions and networking. Finally, we believe that mindset matters...which is why we will make a point to provide EMPOWERMENT as well.