Climbing Out of the COVID-19 Hole | 2020 GEW Aloha

Alt text "CLIMBING OUT OF THE COVID-19 HOLE" with 5 guest panelists (Sandy Baz, Nalani Kathleen Kaauwai Brun, Edwin P. Hawkins, Diane Ley, and Mike McCartney), 2 guest moderators (Chad Blair and Lee Imada)  and 2 guest hosts (Lori Fisher and JohnA. Hau'oli Tomoso; an event part of the 2020 GEW Aloha - Global Entrepreneurship Week in the State of Hawai'i, USA.

A forward look at surviving the COVID-19 storm and rebuilding beyond (State of Hawai'i)

About this Event

The State of Hawai'i is in the 2020 "Global Entrepreneurship Week". Anyone can attend any of the 9 events from Nov. 16 - 22. No charge to the attendee. Registration required via Eventbrite (acct w/ Eventbrite is required) or Cisco-Webex (acct is not required; use only laptop or desktop computer to place your RSVP).

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Due to COVID-19, the current business declines in every county in the state of Hawai'i are undeniable, but they need not be inevitable or permanent.

Long after the horrific effects of this virus are under control, our economy will still be reeling from historic levels of unemployment and economic shutdown. Some say we haven’t seen anything like this…ever.

The federal government has provided funding and big rescue packages to help many businesses affected by COVID19.

However, not all the businesses were qualified to receive such assistance. So, each county is draining its own federal funding to help local businesses. Each county (Hawai'i, Honolulu, Kaua'i, Maui) is developing resources and partnerships to help.

Is there any way to shorten the time to economic recovery? Even after a vaccine, the economic recovery challenges will continue. Here are just a few that will be discussed:

  1. We can no longer rely on traditional industries for help.
  2. Too many areas still lack broadband access.
  3. Entrepreneurial environments are a challenge.
  4. Under-utilization of local resources.

So, come attend this event to learn:

  1. To what extent each county's Office of Economic Development can help, what each has planned to help create a more effective local entrepreneurial ecosystem, attract broadband to rural areas, and to encourage new industry opportunities. And…
  2. What, we, the entrepreneurial community, need to do to help the local government shorten the time it will take to full economic recovery.


  • Sandy Baz, the Managing Director of the County of Maui - bio on Facebook
  • Nalani Kathleen Kaauwai Brun, the County of Kaua‘i director for the Office of Economic Development (OED) - bio on Facebook
  • Edwin P. Hawkins, the Executive Director of the Office of Economic Development (OED) of the City and County of Honolulu - bio on Facebook
  • Diane Ley, the Director of the Department of Research and Development for the County of Hawaiʻi (CHRD) - bio on Facebook
  • Mike McCartney, the Director of the Department of Business, Economic Development and Tourism (DBEDT) - bio on Facebook



  • Lori Fisher, retired Director of Information Management User Technology - bio on Facebook
  • John A. Hau'oli Tomoso, Episcopal Priest in the Episcopal Diocese of Hawai'i - bio on Facebook


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  • Innovate Hawai'i
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  • RJK, LLC - Richard Kehoe, MBA, CPA (Maui. HI)
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  • Global Entrepreneurhip Week - GEW Aloha State (State of Hawai'i)
  • Global Entrepreneurship Week - GEW USA (Arlington, VA)
  • Global Entrepreneurship Network - GEN (Washington, DC)
  • Grants Central Station - GCS (Maui, HI)
  • Small Business Development Center - HI SBDC (Kaua'i, HI)
  • Small Business Development Center - HI SBDC (Maui, HI)
  • Chamber of Commerce Hawaiʻi - CoC Hawai'i (O'ahu, HI)
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  • Hawai'i Rainbow Chamber of Commerce - HRC CoC (O'ahu, HI)
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