Cultivating Entrepreneurialism through Global Partnerships


Global initiatives have shown that, at the bilateral and multilateral level, they can help unlock latent entrepreneurial potential through promoting synergies across groups of people of diverse backgrounds who have complementary sets of technical skills, problem-solving approaches, and linkages to various stakeholders through both professional and social networks. During this session, we will showcase some of the learnings from the role played by higher education institutions from the U.S. in global partnerships directed at cultivating social impact-driven entrepreneurial culture across the university system in the Philippines. We will highlight specific examples of university-led projects that have been successfully translated into solutions that address the needs of economically disadvantaged communities. During this session, we will also discuss the opportunity to close the loop on things through transferring back the learnings to the U.S. to expand opportunities through which low-income communities can participate in university-led entrepreneurism locally.

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This event is sponsored by Advancing Inclusive Entrepreneurial Economies through Global-to-Local Networks.