Developing a Strategic Mindset


The ability to think strategically is an essential leadership skill required for all successful growth-oriented entrepreneurs.  In this presentation you will be introduced to tools and concepts to help you envision new solutions to overcome obstacles, think outside the box, see opportunities that others miss, and maintain focus while avoiding everyday distractions.

Presenter: Daryl Murrow, Business Coach, Murrow Group LLC

Daryl is an Author, Speaker, and Business Coach who has provided training and coaching to entrepreneurs since 2008. He is a dynamic presenter, and brings powerful storytelling, business and personal insight, and electrifying energy to all his presentations.  Daryl has been the instructor of the ScaleUp Training Program since its inception in 2015 and has developed several courses for business owners including: Business TuneUp, Get Launched Now, and the Ultimate Breakthrough Experience.  Prior to starting the Murrow Group LLC Daryl was the co-owner of the CD Connection retail store for 15 years.