Finding Your Brand DNA Real Time


Find your uniqueness and learn to leverage it to create more influence, impact, and income. Set yourself apart from all the noise.

This not a typical “take great notes and good luck” kind of workshop. In fact, most of our attendees start implementing the strategies on the very first day! We leverage large group teaching, small group sessions, 1:1 coaching, and insightful interventions because we know that is what you need but never knew you wanted!
We are unique in that we are a personal branding firm, but we are even more unique in that are a business strategy firm as well.

You will leave with a strategy in place, a solid through-line for your personal brand, and an identified uniqueness that will stand out in a crowded marketplace. One of the most common things our clients tell us is that leave with clarity. But not the normal kind of “aha” clarity that you may get from other events. This is a clarity that comes from looking deep within yourself and discovering your uniqueness and then learning how to take that uniqueness and make an exponential impact in the lives around you. This is part teaching, part coaching, and a lot of soul-searching work done with facilitated conversations, discussions, and exercises specifically crafted to help you find that unique calling in your life and how to turn that passion into a business.
Investing in yourself can be tough and maybe you have invested time and money only to have it go, nowhere.

Let’s put it in perspective. You could spend... 

$10K on copy that is disconnected from your message
$15K with a design firm who can’t quite seem to get your vision
$20K creating your digital footprint that is missing your core audience

Is that you? Have you done that? Are you doing it right now?

As a team of people who are building their own personal brands, in addition to helping you build yours, we know the feeling of frustration that comes with money spent and time wasted. We have made the costly mistakes of rushing to get stuff done before we laid a solid foundation. We know the temptation to just “get out there” before we had a strategy in place. We have rushed, ignored our own advice, done things out of order, and have regretted it every single time. Don’t make the same mistake.

There’s a better way to do this. The work you do on the front end will save you thousands of dollars and countless hours of trying to figure out what to do, how to do it, when to do it, and in what order to do it. Not to mention all the time you will save by not having to “redo” everything once you figure it all out.
With clarity comes confidence. With strategy comes intention. We help make sure you leave with all of these.
Give us 2-days and we will strike the balance of both branding and business while ensuring you leave with key parts of the work DONE.

That’s worth it. That’s the long term. That’s personal branding that works.