Fort Worth: A Look At the Largest GEW Campaign in the United States
Forth Worth hosted 135 #GEW2021 activities with more than 180 speakers.
15 Nov 2021

What does the largest Global Entrepreneurship Week in the U.S. look like? One hundred and thirty-five sessions, both virtual and in-person. More than 180 speakers. Dozens of locations throughout our region. GEW Fort Worth was a triumph on multiple levels. 

After a year of virtual-only sessions in 2020, the organizers of GEW Fort Worth (FW) wanted to offer our community an opportunity to connect in whichever format worked best for them. To catalyze in-person meetups, we organized our first-ever GEW FW Basecamp at the UNT Health Science Center, which served as the connecting point for the week and hosted over 40 sessions and meetups.  

In addition to hosting sessions on AI, blockchain, bitcoin mining, mental health and faith-based investing, GEW FW Basecamp also hosted a series of events that explored different aspects of entrepreneurship in our city:

  • Startup Funerals – This series explored the failure of local startups by hosting a funeral for startups that didn’t make it. We interviewed the founders and learned from their mistakes and failures.
  • What We Can Learn – Utilizing the expertise of visiting entrepreneurial community builders, we asked them what our city could do better to improve our startup community. We interviewed leaders from Peoria, Kansas City, Dallas and Omaha to glean insights from what has inspired the next generation of entrepreneurs in their cities
  • Opportunities In – This series helped local entrepreneurs realize opportunities for their businesses in certain key technologies.

Our sessions spanned a wide range of topics delivered by speakers and presenters from diverse backgrounds and experiences. Thanks to our distributed organizing model, which engages entrepreneurs and resource partners to organize their own content, we are always assured of high-quality sessions that cater to the needs and interests of our community of entrepreneurs. 

None of this would have been possible without the generous support of sponsors like Dell Technologies and a legion of volunteers who worked tirelessly to help us execute a successful week of building our entrepreneurial community.

We’re already thinking about what we can do in 2022 to generate even more impact and fun for our community. So many ideas and only 51 weeks to pull it off. The countdown begins! 


Marco Johnson

Sparkyard Network Builder | GEW Fort Worth