Founder Factory: Building an Inclusive Work Culture


Join the Rowan Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship for the Founder Factory Series.

Founder Factory is a weekly session that focuses on the specific hard skills that can help you start a business. From Financial Planning to Marketing and Sales tools, each week's session will focus on a critical practical skill that you'll need to have in your toolkit to be successful.

Having a culture of inclusivity is one of the hallmarks of a successful business. The key is to make sure that every person on your team and helping your company to succeed feels that they have a place, and are contributing to the business. One of the key indicators of an inclusive culture is the concept of Psychological Safety. When your team feels comfortable sharing their ideas, it creates access to a broad perspective and many different ways of thinking that can lead to innovation.

Topic: Building an Inclusive Work Culture

Time: 3 PM



The Rowan Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship is proud to participate in the global celebration of Women's Entrepreneurship Week to empower, celebrate, and support women in business worldwide.