The GigCON: Self-Employment - An Entry to Global Entrepreneurship

The GigCon is a FREE online summit for aspiring and seasoned consultants, freelancers and other contract workers featuring 20+ experts from the US and around the globe. No need to spend a small fortune flying to a conference and paying for a hotel, meals and ground transportation. The GigCon brings it all to you during this two-day virtual event. Learn about cutting-edge startup and growth strategies, best practices, benefits, growth hacks, new platforms and much more. Save time, effort and money as you build your “gig-pire” business.

Gigwork, or contract work, is the fastest-growing business opportunity in the world. In fact, according to MasterCard, the global gig economy currently generates $204B in gross volume. All over the world, professionals are searching for ways to become self-employed to start building sustainable businesses. The gig economy, especially the online platforms, levels the playing field for entrepreneurs. It presents no-barriers, equal opportunities and testing sites for business builders to earn while they learn how to scale.

Whether you are just getting started or looking for additional revenue, The GigCon has what you need. To register, visit