HUB Zone Webinar: Understanding Small Business Opportunities


The North Central PA LaunchBox and the Partnership for Regional Economic Performance (PREP) will host a webinar at 11 a.m. on Nov. 19 to explain the benefits that contracting with the federal government can bring to area business. The process of initiating and securing these relationships with government agencies will also be discussed. 

Timothy Brown will present the webinar “Business Diversification: Federal Government Contracting”. He will cover what government contracting is, why all businesses should be interested in the federal government, the federal government budget process, small business and disadvantaged programs, and how to get started working with the government. The webinar will include time for discussion of future webinars that might be of interest to area business owners, as well as Q&A. Brown explains that the government buys nearly every product or service that the commercial market sells, making opportunities for businesses plentiful and highly diverse. Brown’s expertise is derived from 29 years in business operations, finance and accounting, analysis, business development, program management, quality assurance, production, and executive management for various multimillion and billion-dollar military and contractor-supported programs.

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Sponsored by Penn State Dubois, North Central PA LaunchBox powered by Penn State DuBois, and the Partnership for Regional Economic Performance (PREP).