Intrapreneurship: Be All You Can Be!


Entrepreneurship has been a popular topic (think Shark Tank) and Penn State subject of study for nearly ten years. Although many start-ups survive the first year, less than 50% are around to reach the five-year mark according to the Small Business Administration. And now we have Covid-19.

What well-established businesses are rapidly discovering is that among their employees lie ‘hidden talents’ that go beyond a lock-step job description. Intrapreneurship is the act of practicing entrepreneurial principles within a company. Many senior-level company executives are now working to unlock and expand employee capabilities while encouraging those who are self-motivated and action-oriented to pursue their creative and innovative ideas in order to advance a company along with the products or services they sell. But how does intrapreneurship really work and how are efforts rewarded? Are you entrepreneurially inclined but do not what to take the plunge? What kind of company do you want to work for and why? Let’s explore.

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