Pegasus Park: Improving incomes and outcomes in North Texas


Join us VIRTUALLY to hear how Biotech+ Hub at Pegasus Park can help entrepreneurs, scientists, and researchers secure funding in Texas!

The Biotech+ Hub at Pegasus Park allows them to stay in North Texas to develop their new ventures. Benefits to the local communities will include a surge in top-quality and high-paying technical jobs, an increase in intellectual capital, and a rise in access to cutting-edge healthcare. The “plus” in Biotech+ Hub at Pegasus Park refers to the broadest definition of bio-innovation across life sciences to include new drugs, diagnostic tools, devices, and digital solutions to prevent, detect, and treat diseases and promote human and planetary health.

This ambitious development requires a united coalition of scientists, entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, academia, health systems, philanthropists, and government. During this session, leaders from the Biotech+ Hub will explore why the time is now for Biotech+ Hub and what you can do to support biotech entrepreneurship in North Texas.