So You Want to Start a Farm?


You want to be a farmer, but are you really ready? Our panel discussion will address various paths one can take to get started in farming and discuss the necessary skills one needs to obtain to embark upon a successful future in the career. We’ll explore the wide variety of opportunities available for starting a farm and a farm business ranging from farm incubators programs, to formal education. We will also hear from successful vegetable growers and livestock producers who are relatively new to the career and learn how they got started and the steps they have taken to maintain successful operations. Through a series of presentations, participants will see the exciting choices available. The program culminates in a moderated panel discussion of experts representing farm schools, incubator programs, as well as established farmers.

Presenters: Luke Woodward, NABC Project Manager and Co-Owner of Hearth Farm

Alex Smith, Sustainable Connections Food & Farming Outreach Coordinator

Judy Feldman, Organic Farm School Executive Director

Jennifer Dwyer, Co-Owner Hollyhock Farm

Rob Smith, Viva Farms Director of Programs & Operations

Sponsor: Northwest Agriculture Business Center (NABC)