CELEBRATE | November 12, 2018

Spotlight on Veteran Entrepreneurs You Should Celebrate this GEW 2018

Photo Credit: U.S. Pacific Fleet

Beverly Grandison | Retired U.S. Army Captain

Beverly is the owner and founder of Premier Health & Wellness Consulting. Her company educates and empowers clients to make informed decisions and take control of their health with the goal of boosting productive in the workforce, at home and in the community. A Certified Health Educator, Beverly is also a decorated Army vet with numerous awards including the Bronze Order of Mercury and the Bronze Star Medal.


Tanya Bryant | Retired U.S. Army Reservist

Tanya is the founder of both Just Lovely Living and Just Lovely Lipsticks – two companies founded in remembrance of her mother. After serving in the military and a starting a business that ultimately failed, Tanya was able to leverage what she learned to launch her successful Just Lovely Living Brand and has even become a published author. Tanya spent 21 years in the Army, including a tour of duty as a Reservist in Kuwait.


Chad Arroyo | Retired U.S. Navy

Chad is part of the team at the startup Ideanomics. Building on his seven years of experience in the U.S. Navy working on defense telecommunications and also as a consultant for Deloitte, Chad now ensure Ideanomics is strategically aligned internally as well as externally with digital priorities. Chad is a blockchain and technology strategist with a passion for building next-generation fin-tech solutions and leading the digital asset revolution.


Kathryn Thomas | Retired U.S. Naval Aviator

Kathryn’s organization Yoga 4 Change is a non-profit that has achieved meaningful change for veterans, incarcerated individuals, vulnerable youth and those dealing with substance abuse. Through purpose-driven yoga programs, Yoga 4 Change is able to heal and empower these underserved populations. A retired Naval Aviator, Kathryn has impacted the lives of more than 180 veterans struggling with PTSD, TBI, MST and Chronic pain.


Grant Rogers | Retired U.S. Army

Grant is one of four co-founders who created Digital Growth Solutions, a digital sales and marketing startup that offers everything from online sales to product testing and development. Building on the skill set he gained while on active duty, Grant understands people and how best to market to specific audiences based on the needs of his client. Grant served in the U.S. Army where he was deployed three times in eight years, he is also an accomplished author who wrote a book that sheds light on the process and trauma soldiers face when transitioning back to civilian life.


John Gossart | Retired U.S. Military

John is co-founder and COO of Goodworld, a fintech startup that has created a digital platform that enables people and donors to instantly give – and organizations to instantly receive – money on social media through the use of hashtags. Through his startup, John has been able to support more than 3,000 partner charities including Save the Children, United Way, Red Cross and Greenpeace.


Chris Diaz | Retired U.S. Navy Fleet Marine Force Corpsman

Chris built directly on his military experience to pursue a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology and co-found his startup Serve1. Serve1 is a collection of diverse experts who can help clients implement positive lifestyle changes. Chris has also worked extensively on veterans issues, publishing peer-reviewed papers and advocating for vets. A vet himself, Chris served six years in the U.S. Navy.


Robert Blacklidge | Retired U.S. Air Force

A serial entrepreneur, Robert is the founder of two startups that help people elevate themselves. Through Startup Cruise, Robert helps people launch their own businesses in just days by reducing the barriers entrepreneurs face. Through Course Align, Robert works with universities to ensure their curriculum prepares students for the workforce. Having served in the U.S. Air Force for six years, Robert uses his experiences to help entrepreneurs and veterans – and is affectionally known as the Startup Santa.


Marcella Eubanks | Retired U.S. Army Automated Logistics Specialist

Marcella is the founder of Bravery Kids Gym, an all-inclusive play facility that offers a fun, safe and stimulating learning environment to promote childhood development and play. Finding inspiration in the needs of her own son who was diagnosed with Autism, the gym is tailored to meet the developmental needs of all children. Marcella served nine years in the Arm with three combat tours in Iraq and Afghanistan.


James Brobyn | Retired U.S. Marine Corps Infantry Officer

James is the CEO Calyx Capital, a multi-asset investment and management company focused on the cannabis medical market. A serial entrepreneur who has founded several business, James specializes in companies that work with medical cannabis. He has also worked and raised millions for veteran charities. Chris served as an Infantry Officer in the U.S. Marine and served two combat tours in Iraq.


Logan Skees | Retired U.S. Marine Corps Infantry

A serial entrepreneur, Skees is the co-founder of Trainerspace and the Trainerspace brand. Trainerspace is a fitness center in South Florida that provides personalized fitness coaching while the Trainerspace brand includes the Trainerspace Foundation and fitness coaching platform Cyberfit. A U.S. Marine Corps Infantry veteran who served during Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan, Skees is dedicated to serving his country, community and fellow veterans.


Kaylenne Brown | Retired U.S. Marine Corps

Kaylenne is the founder of Plant-Based Eatz, a startup that helps people take better care of their diet and bodies. Working from her personal experience with her own health and her own decision to go vegan, Kaylenne is now working with others to improve what they eat, cut out animal products and get fit. Kaylenne was an activity duty marine before starting her business.


Fenel Aldajuste | Retired U.S. Marine Corps

Fenel is inspired to build a company that changes and transforms the lives of others. He is the Founder of BudgetPolitan, a financial startup that uses a digital platform to help people know exactly when they can pay off certain loans, better monitor their finances and improve their financial health. Fenel served in the U.S. Marine Corps for four years, and credits the discipline and work ethic he learned there for helping me create his company.


Will Woldenberg | Active U.S. Army Reserve Public Affairs Officer

Will is a serial entrepreneur with several business under his belt, but he is most recently the founder and president of Entegrit. Entegrit is a management consulting startup dedicated to creating a more balanced and stable society. Will served in the U.S. Military during Operation Iraqi Freedom and New Dawn and has since go on to work on several projects that support military veterans.

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