Storytelling that Attracts (the right customers) | 2020 GEW Aloha

"GEW Aloha State" invites you to attend "Storytelling that Attracts" with guest presenters Kaiulani Alday and Nicole Fisher; an event part of the 2020 GEW Aloha - Global Entrepreneurship Week in the State of Hawai'i, USA.
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Every business has a story to tell. Learn how to use it to create a brand that attracts.

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STORYTELLING THAT ATTRACTS (the right customers)

"Every business has a story to tell. Learn how to use it to create a brand that attracts.

Storytelling and marketing go hand in hand but the rules have changed. It's a small shift that creates a huge impact on attracting the right customers.

Every story includes a main character (the client) who has a problem they want solved. The key is becoming the solution they're looking for. As we will show you, storytelling is an effective way to connect and engage with the right client and create a brand that is irresistible making a customer for life. We will show you how you can be that bridge that leads the client from the dreaded problem to a successful solution.

Success starts with you and knowing how to craft a story that resonates with your ideal customer. We will guide you in building a story that helps your client see you as the solution to their problem by using a simple formula to take your client from being stuck with a problem across the bridge to a successful ending. Please join us to help you build your story." - Kaiulani Alday and Nicole Fisher.



Kai is a self proclaimed momentum junkie aka a coach obsessed with creating traction and magic for service based businesses. Her specialties are customer experience, program creation and science-based goal setting. Kai loves to help small businesses ditch the complicated strategies and embrace a business that's finally simple to run, fun to build and makes success inevitable.

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Nicole “Nico” Fisher is on a mission to help small businesses and organizations create their story and relate their marketing to the wants and needs of their target market. She is owner of Skywriting by Nico, a project marketing and social media management company in Maui, Hawaii.

She’s a SCORE Mentor for Maui County and serves as a Co-Organizer with Maui Business Brainstormers while also serving on the board of Maui Native Hawaiian Chamber of Commerce, proudly contributing to the community.

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GUEST HOST (Moloka'i, HI, USA):
U'i Kahue Cabanting

Born on O’ahu, and raised on Molokai. U'i lives on Moloka'i as a Hawaiian Homesteader and works on Maui as a micro-business owner. She is also a Cultural Practitioner and Community Activist for all pae’aina!

A former political candidate, U'i is a Director on the non-profit "Lahaina Town Action Committee"; a "Hawaiian Civic Clubs" delegate; member of MBB, ACLU, SCHHA (Sovereign Council of Hawaiian Homestead Associations), CNHA (Council for Native Hawaiian Advancement), and Hui Hana Kala’i ‘aina, a Hawaiian Political Action group.

U'i is currently working with HTA in its "Destination Mgt. Action Plan" for Moloka'i in Maui Nui, continuing her education in Ag and renewable resources, and starting a non-profit. Married and Mother of five with three mo’opuna!

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