#THIS2020: Innovating Education Ecosystem


We take great pride in the diverse talent pool we have in Houston that’s powering the future of innovation. In the meanwhile, we also need to reimagine the future of education and better prepare future generations of talents.

This panel takes an ecosystem approach to education innovation, which involves not only students and teachers but also administrators, families, as well as future employers, and other relevant entities, with an emphasis on embracing technology and building community.


  • Sruti Ramaswamy – Director, SoGal Foundation Houston and Chief Strategy Officer, Camppedia


  • Natasha Butler: Board of Trustee, Alief ISD and Leadership ISD Alum.
  • Frances Romero: Chair of CFISD Community Leadership Committee.
  • Loretta Williams Gurnell, B.S., M.Ed. : Founder of Supergirls Shine Foundation

Register at https://thehoustonimpactsummit.com/event-list/innovating-education-ecosystem-sogal-houston/?occurrence=2020-11-17