#THIS2020 : Pivoting Your Business from Earth to Space: A Tech Transfer Introduction


The Ion has been awarded federal funding for a partnership with NASA’s Johnson Space Center (NASA JSC) and DivInc to create an Aerospace Innovation Hub which will support and develop regional minority business enterprises (MBEs). The award is part of the Economic Development Administration’s (EDA) Minority Business Enterprise Inner City Innovation Hubs program, designed to focus on research and technology transfer, digital innovation, artificial intelligence and entrepreneurship.

Programming at the aerospace innovation hub is industry agnostic and is open to small businesses and startups in such industries as:

  • Construction
  • Engineering
  • Data Science
  • Additive manufacturing
  • Clean energy
  • Mobile devices
  • Aerospace
  • Healthcare and health support systems
  • Robotics

Key takeaways:

  • Introduction to the new MBE Aerospace Innovation Hub at The Ion
  • Learn about resources NASA JSC has available for MBEs and small business owners
  • Tech transfer opportunities available through NASA