From Waste to Worth: The Limitless Frontier of Byproducts


City of Fort Worth's Material Management Team discusses the growing opportunity for entrepreneurship in expanding waste economy.

As new tech is developed to make new products and lighter, more efficient packaging, new byproducts are also created – a feedstock is born. New feedstocks require new methods for processing and innovation, which will lead to new byproducts and new opportunities.

City of Fort Worth Material Management Planners Brittany Rosenberg and Mashaal Atif will discuss the growing market for byproducts as feedstocks, the circular economy and how it operates in Fort Worth, the growing demand for recycled content, the state of recycling nationally and regionally, and how the rise in tech and production methods will contribute to the future of recycling. 

This presentation will also look at the free services offered by the Material Management Program for new and established businesses, such as helping you develop a leaner process chain, start a waste reduction plan, or examine your potential waste solutions for potential commodities.

Presentation will feature case studies from state-wide and national businesses of all sizes as well as cover specific clients that the Material Management Program has helped become more efficient, sustainable, and profitable – including helping save a local manufacturer over $22,000 per year. 

The second half of the presentation will be a waste reduction workshop, reserved for questions and for attendees to bring their own programs, problems, and ideas for discussion.

This presentation is part of both Global Entrepreneurship Week and Fort Worth Recycles Day 2020. 

o    Brittany Rosenberg, Material Management Planner, City of Fort Worth
As a Material Management Planner with the City of Fort Worth, I work with businesses, institutions, and residents to develop and enhance long-term programs that promote recycling, reuse, and reduce dependence on the landfill. I am coordinator for the Fort Worth Master Composter Program, which received 2020 Environmental Leadership awards from the State of Texas Alliance for Recycling, the North Texas Recycling Corporate Association, and the National Recycling Coalition. I serve on the Board of the Tarrant County Food Policy Council and co-chair the Food Recovery Working Group, serve as Treasurer for the STAR Re-use Council, and work to develop Fort Worth’s urban agriculture infrastructure, circular economy, and secure food network. I have a BA in Rhetoric and Composition from UT Arlington and have been an avid gardener, conservationist, and community policy advocate my entire life.

o    Mashaal Atif, Material Management Planner, City of Fort Worth
“Working as a Material Management Planner for the City of Fort Worth, I help businesses, institutions and industries in the city implement and improve their recycling plans. Our mission is to help our residents while making sure we can prolong the life of our landfill by diverting materials away from it. I coordinate the City’s Special Event recycling program and Drug Take Back Day. I am a member of the Grow South East steering committee, STAR Re-use council and SWANA. I am passionate about advancing a circular economy framework in Fort Worth. I have a BA in Biology from the University of North Texas and love everything about this City