About Gen Vietnam

GEN Vietnam provides National cooperation and leadership with supporting entrepreneuship organizations. GEN Vietnam works to uncover new National initiatives in Vietnam, conduct effective activities for the development of entrepreneurial ecosystems, support the spread of entrepreneurship in Vietnam, and implement programs and plans. We play a important role in Vietnam’s entrepreneurship as a National organization by working together with other organization, GEN, including Gen Asia to achieve our mission and goals

GEN Vietnam is a networking hub that drives effective initiatives to lead cooperative entrepreneurship ecosystems in Vietnam.

GEN Vietnam Executive Committee

The Executive Committee has about 70 members from different entrepreneurship supporting organizations such as: Policy marker, universities, banks, credit funds, business associations, etc. The Executive Committee of GEN Vietnam is responsible for GEN Vietnam's strategy setting, decision making and communication. Each member is part of a subcommittee and program to encourage the active participation of Member organization, to implement the initiatives of GEN Vietnam and to serve as a practical activity.


     GEN Vietnam President: Dr.Vu Tien Loc, President and Chairman of Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Contact information:

Facebook: Genvietnam.vcci

- Webiste : Genvietnam.net; Vn.gew.co

- Email : thuyltt@vcci.com.vn, ductm@vcci.com.vn

- Contact person: Le Thi Thu Thuy (Mrs)- 0904277575. Tran Minh Duc (Mr)-0829081981