Digital Thailand Big Bang 2018
Minh Tien
25 May 2018

GEN Vietnam is a member of GEN Asia. We would like to invite GEN Vietnam's member to participate in GEN Asia's activities. GEN Vietnam invites you to fill out a form:
GEN Asia Conference @ DTBB Bangkok 2018

GEN Thailand proposed to hold a GEN ASIA Conference to be co-hosted with Digital Economy Promotion Agency (DEPA) under Thailand's Ministry of Digital Economy & Society (MDES). The event will be part of the Digital Thailand Big Bang (DTBB) 2018 with the overall theme on "Big Data"
We would like include contributions from GEN countries, members and partners by requesting them to submit proposed activities, session and speakers that could be included into the draft agenda for DEPA's consideration.
Kindly help us fill in your ideas and proposal by completing the form below:
**To propose more than ONE activity, please submit new request.
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