Employment VS Entrepreneurship Debate

The debate consisted of two teams a team of 4 entrepreneurs (Ahmed Qasem, Mahdi Joban, Ahlam Alhaimi, and Abeer Albaredah) and a team of 4 employees (Mohammed Alshahethi, Summer Alsaqaf, Methaq Alqadasi, and Basmah Yassin) and a facilitator (Rami Howaidy) the 2 teams debated on which is a better career path and why. The debate discussed very important point of views and very interesting perspectives from both sides and in the end they both came to the conclusion that entrepreneurship projects are there to employ and offer job opportunity and that employees are a big part in making a project  successful and without the entrepreneur the project wouldn’t have existed, therefor there is no need to compere each to the other because they are career paths that depends on personalities and opportunities and they both hold different pros and cons and there is no such thing as a perfect career path for everyone.

Tuesday 19th November 2019

at the Chamber of Commerce Sana'a.

Sumaya Abdulasattar

Programs Manager | Rowad Foundation