IGNITE - Fintech

Activity Description

A panel discussion between 3 banks to explain about the Fintech services they provide and the benefits of these services while also discussing the future of financial technology in Yemen and how it can change the market.

Panelists of the Event:

Emad Al-Aghbari Manager of Mahfathati - Altadhamon Bank

Moeen Al-Arasi Manager of Digital Financial Services - Yemen Kuwait Bank

Refat Al-Haj Marketing Manager - Alkuraimi Bank

Walter Murundu Commercial Manager at Digital Frontiers Institute and the DFI CEO Mr. Paul Hobden

UMUTESI Victoire Annabelle Microfinance Advisor in Kigali- Rwanda 


All the speakers had their chance to shed light about the financial technology services they provide and what they think the future holds regarding this matter.

We believe that the services in this field are very important and that people should really start opening their eyes to it because it is the future.