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Universities Entrepreneurship Competition
Activity Description

Universities Entrepreneurship Competition, a competition ROWAD Conducted during the GEW2020 in which 4 universities in Sana'a - Yemen chose one team from their students to represent the university and the team was asked to prepare a Pitch Deck for the judges. the four teams were trained in two seminars (Business Model and how to build a Pitch Deck) after the trainings they were given time to prepare their presentations. the final step was the presentations and the scoring of the ideas, the finale was hosted by The Lebanese International University where each team was given fifteen minuets to present and discuss with the jury while the judges score the business according to 7 Criterions and after all the teams finished the judges were given a 15 minuets break to calculate the scores and discuss their decision. at the end of the of the day all participating teams won with LIU taking the first Place by winning 2000$ from Altadhamon Bank and the National Microfinance Foundation. University of science and technology team winning 3000$ Investment Loan from National Microfinance Foundation. Furthermore, Twintech University and Sana'a University winning a loan from Alamal Bank in addition to that LIU the host awarded each team with 500$. the goal of the competition was to encourage university students and help them in starting their business while also motivating universities to support their students.