VIP Dinner

Activity Description

To wrap up the Global Entrepreneurship Week, ROWAD Foundation organized a VIP Dinner where all stakeholders in the Yemeni entrepreneurship ecosystem where invited.

The list consisted of the Government representatives, Private sector, NGOs, INGOs, Incubators, Local Organizations, Investors, Entrepreneurs, Universities, Banks and MFIs

The event was attended by over 50 people from the listed sectors where they were engaged in a panel discussion under the subject (Building Entrepreneurship Ecosystem in Yemen)  the panelist where:

Sumaya Mustafa (ROWAD Foundation, CEO) Representing Local Organization.

Mahmoud Aljunaid (Vice Prime Minister) Representing the Government.

Sharaf Alkibsi (National Microfinance Foundation) Representing MFIs.

Safia Aljabri (SMEPS, CEO) Representing NGOs

Ghamdan Alanesi (Networld Systems, CEO) Representing Yemeni Investors

The Roles of each sector were discussed in addition to the collaboration needed to actually build an effective and powerful ecosystem. 

Due to the diversity of the attendees and their eagerness to establish a healthy ecosystem, many partnerships were discussed and we are looking forward to see the outcome of this event in the near future.

For us, gathering these important people and opening the room for discussing such important matters means so much and we consider it a success in our book.