Young Entrepreneurship Summit

December 1st week

Nepal being a developing country, has very few nurturing platforms for entrepreneurs specially “Teen-Young” entrepreneurs who have a lot of potential and creative ideas that could accelerate the economy of our nation but are often held back  by the stereotypes of our society, lack of like minded people, job-minded nurturing of education system and the main problem of all “Investment”.

NYES aims to handpick and bring such potential change makers and entrepreneurial young-minds together, help them connect, build them towards entrepreneurial career and help them build “A TEAM” who can work together for the economic acceleration at a very  early age.  

 We don’t just connect you with story tellers, we make you one!


-Our speakers & mentors will not merely conduct tedious entrepreneurial sessions but they will also help you thrive by answering your each queries personally in informative sessions and mentor your project in interactive sessions.

-An informal  networking & rejuvenation session will be held encouraging each participant to stand for themselves & increase their network like a real world entrepreneur in a real world business situation helping them build the confidence & networking skills they need.

- Startup ideas will be pitched on the basis of various business models