Harare Pitch Night Grows Beyond GEW
21 Apr 2015

If the evolution of the Global Entrepreneurship Network has taught us anything this year, it is that the momentum that Global Entrepreneurship Week creates in over 150 countries around the world cannot be contained to one week in November. Pitch Night in Harare, Zimbabwe, is a perfect example of this.

The event started during GEW in November 2013 as a place for different factions of the local startup community to come together in support of local entrepreneurs. The event was a huge success, drawing a fantastic engaged crowd, and has gone on to become a regular event.

As Costa Nyanzero describes in a recent guest post on africa.co, Pitch Night “started as a GEW initiative to simply showcase a few bright entrepreneurs and their ideas, and give the startup community a chance to contribute, support and validate the ideas of these trendsetters. The newly found members of pitch night didn’t let us stop. They threatened to riot if we did. So the event became a monthly gig.”

Powered by Emerging Ideas and sponsored by mobile network Telecel, the event continues to grow and feature high-potential entrepreneurs from across the region. In February for example, Zimbabwean entrepreneur Takunda Chingonzoh, cofounder of Saisai Wireless and winner of DEMO Africa 2014, took the stage took the stage to discuss his company.

As GEW enters its eighth year this fall, impact stories like the Harare Pitch Night inspire event organizers working to bolster their local entrepreneurial communities around the world. So, while November acts as a great launching point for communities to come together to celebrate entrepreneurship, events that strengthen ecosystems need not be restricted to one week per year.

Harare’s next Pitch Night will take place April 30, 2015. More details will be available on the Lions@frica site.