Entrepreneurial and SMEs Development Secretariat of the Province of Cordoba


Creation of a state framework to coordinate and connect the entrepreneurial support parties and the offer of services for entrepreneurs and SMEs. Via this Secretariat, the Province managed to consolidate the entrepreneurial ecosystem; passing from 12 identified members to 64 due to jointly and organized work through Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Córdoba, Argentina.

Ecosistema Emprendedor Córdoba (EECBA) (Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Córdoba) is a group of institutions and organizations formed by public and private entities and by the third sector which has as objective to promote entrepreneurship in the Province of Córdoba, Argentina.

These institutions keep good contact with entrepreneurs in academic, technological, social, political and economic environment which is necessary to develop entrepreneurial initiatives in the province of Córdoba.

Their view is to get international recognition for the region, as a favorable environment to start and develop productive undertakings, and because of the entrepreneurial culture of the people.

Their mission is to boost entrepreneurial culture working together among public and private institutions and NGOs generating initiatives which contribute to the create and consolidate undertakings.

The EECBA works in commissions, which establish work methodologies and they meet every fifteen days to generate synergy among the institution members. Thus, they manage to get a coherent and responsible autonomy acting as the booster of entrepreneurship in society.

The Commissions are:

  • Internal Development
  • Communication
  • Financing
  • Survey

Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Mining, Government of the Province of Córdoba.

  • Start-up firms: enterprises which are in the making up process and which have not done formal business yet.
  • Scale-up firms: enterprises which are in their first and a half year of operations and that are at early development stages with growth potential.
  • Existing SMEs: enterprises operating in the local and international market for more than tow years.

2011 – Jorge Lawson becomes Minister of Industry, Commerce and Mining of the province of Córdoba, Argentina.

2012 – He implements the first programs: Start up a Business from My City and Start up a Business from My District.

2012 – He creates the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Córdoba.

2012 to 2015 – He coordinates the  implementation of: Program Alas / Global Entrepreneur  Week/ Program Emprende Más / Master´s degree in Entrepreneurial Management  / Book Emprende Más / Open Lecture SME / SME training  / Entrepreneurial Awareness  / Programs for SMEs and Entrepreneurs / Consulting Councils SMEs / Trade Fairs / Entrepreneurial Inclusion / Emprendizaje (Learning about Entrepreneurship) / Aleando / Lazos / Consultancy for Entrepreneurs  / Entrepreneur Fair /

2015 onwards – Most of the programs are in force and continue.

2016 – He creates the program Communities with Value.


The aim of the SME and Entrepreneurial Development Secretariat was to contribute to the socio-productive development in the province of Córdoba implementing support programs for SMEs and productive undertakings.


During 2012 and 2013 the Secretariat worked on training, counseling, financing and networking programs. The main areas of work of the SME and Entrepreneurial Development Secretariat of the province of Córdoba were four, mainly: a) Entrepreneurial Culture; b) Productive Undertakings; c) Small and Medium enterprises; and, d) Local and regional productive development.

All the activities of this Secretariat were carried out jointly with business entities, support organizations for entrepreneurs and educational entities at university and secondary school level.

Working together has permitted that more than 50,000 entrepreneurs and 3,000 enterprises knew our programs.

In 2012, there were activities attended by 13,279 entrepreneurs, SME business people, consultants and other interested people in Entrepreneurship. Likewise, if it is considered that they work together with business chambers, universities and NGOs, the number of people who attended goes up to 25,387, only in this year.

In 2013, the Secretariat continued training, raising awareness and giving advise directly and indirectly to 54,100 people from Córdoba, using the activities mentioned above, and emphasizing the role of the entrepreneur as an agent of social transformation.

Summary of the year 2012:

Areas of Work

Number of Activities

Number of People




Entrepreneurial Development










SME Promotion  





Development Local-Regional Development











Summary of the year 2013:



People in Cordoba aware of and trained in entrepreneurship


Entrepreneurs with technical assistance



Business people advised


Business people aware



People trained in the Local Connection Program



Between 2011 and 2013 during his management as Minister of Industry, Commerce and Mining of the Province of Córdoba (Argentina), Jorge Lawson created the first SME and Entrepreneurial Development Secretariat in the Province of Córdoba and in the country. Until 2011 the public provincial policies were scarce, they were divided in: support to micro enterprises (small amount loans for social entrepreneurs mainly working in the gastronomic and textile field) and counseling to SMEs, as a step towards other national programs.

The name of the new Secretariat was not just declamatory; on the contrary it changed the way of becoming aware and working in pursuit of entrepreneurial development in the province from the point of view of a systemic competitiveness. Initiatives were divided into: encouragement and development of entrepreneurial culture from secondary schools to public in general, support of startup undertakings and strengthening of the existing ones and boosting competitiveness of SMEs along the Province of Córdoba.

The aim of the secretariat was really innovative because they set from the assumption that only through coordination and joint work among public government, non-government and private parties, focused on the entrepreneurial development, it would be possible to consolidate a unique entrepreneurial ecosystem in Latin America. So he called organizations in Cordoba related to the activity. There were thirteen entities which worked individually, had no connections among them and competed against them. A joint and coordinated work was proposed to consolidate this entrepreneurial ecosystem, where the state would coordinate the actions of these organizations, so processes would be more efficient, services would not be duplicated for the same type of public and  it would provide solutions for needs that no organization was offering to develop entrepreneurial culture and entrepreneurship.

During Jorge Lawson´s management authority as Minister of Industry, Commerce and Mining of the Province of Córdoba, the SME and Entrepreneurial Development Secretariat created training, advice, financing and connection programs reaching more than 68,000 people and 3,000 companies between 2012 and 2013.

Subsequently, Lawson continued fostering these policies from the provincial public management as Strategic Development Minister between 2013 and 2015.

In the present, National Government is uses his policies as a reference, creating the first National Entrepreurial Secretariat.

Lawson's creaed, aswell, The Program Comunidades con Valor (COmmunities With Value) with the objective of contributing to the development of regional economies, strengthening the local entrepreneurial framework, the participation and commitment of public and private parts and civil society. This encouraging policy for local initiatives helps to detect and promote undertakings which are close to be launched into the market or which are at an early stage of their development, increasing and speeding up their growth possibilities, which leads to having more value and employment, helping their communities to think about their future. 


Mr. Jorge Lawson created and promoted it during this time as Minister of Industry, Commerce and Mining of the Government of the Province of Córdoba.

With suport of the Governor of the Province of Córdoba, José Manuel de la Sota, institutions that assist entrepreneurs, foundations and chambers representing business people, as well as universities and secondary schools, and city councils of the Province of Córdoba, were the key for the development and implementation of the policy.


GEN Argentina, Hyper Id, Fundación Empresarial para Emprendedores, Lawson/Milenium Group
GEN Argentina, Hyper Id, Fundación Empresarial para Emprendedores, Lawson/Milenium Group