International Relations for Entrepreneurs and SMEs


International Relations is a cross-sectoral approach of the Argentinean government which aims to help and promote the internationalization of Entrepreneurs and SMEs; foster Argentina's connection with international institutions, organisms and agents in order to strengthen the cooperation links and to foster the exchange of information experiences and best practices concerning Entrepreneurs and SMEs with other countries. To achieve this objective we provide training, technical assistance and international insertion.

Training: We focus on training entrepreneurs and SMEs in internationalization and international trade related contents related through awareness, training, counseling and coaching.

Technical Assistance: A highly trained consultan provides integral diagnosis and an action plan to address a company's needs on foreign trade.

International Insertion and Soft-landing Platforms Program: To foster the internationalization, in coordination with the Argentine Investment and International Trade Agency, we promote entrepreneurs and SMEs participation on fairs, business missions, reverse trade missions, forum, conferences and Soft-landing platforms. We have developed Softlanding Platforms to foster the international insertion of entrepreneurs in the most important innovation clusters worldwide by an integral assistance programme. With this programme we provide: Mentoring, Legal and Accounting Assistance, Networking, Commercial assistance for the opening of new markets, assistance in connecting to Angel Investors and VCs, Coworking spaces.

We have already started working with Spain, Australia, United Kingdom and we are thinking to launch the program in Silicon Valley. In Spain we have developed “Acelerar España” together with CEAES (Argentine Spain Chamber of Commerce), which is public-private initiative between Argentina and Spain to support the Argentine entrepreneurs soft-landing. See more at:

With Australia, we have promoted an exchange of entrepreneurs between two accelerators (NXTP and Sprout) named AgtechPassport. AgtechPassport program is supported by the Argentine Government, Austrade and Qantas, and. it is the first program of its kind in Australia and Argentina, allowing agtech startups to get exposure to the agricultural industry and commercialise their ideas, in both their home country and abroad. AgtechPassport is designed to encourage collaboration and cross-pollination of innovative agtech ideas between Australia and Latin America. The program will send an Australian team to Argentina, and a corresponding Latin American agtech team to Australia, for a one-week immersion in the host country’s startup ecosystem. In United Kingdom, we launched AEinUK initiative together with the Argentinian Embassy in London. This initiative generate a community community dedicated to promote the development of close business ties between Argentina and the United Kingdom, with a special focus on Entrepreneurship gives a soft-landing support as well. It coordinates a variety of initiatives, events, and programmes that bring entrepreneurs together, facilitating networking opportunities, and providing the support they need to establish and expand their businesses. See more at:


Secretariat of Entrepreneurs and SMEs


Startup: a newly emerged entrepreneurial and productive venture which challenge is to search for a respectable and scalable business model.

Scaleup: development-stage business that is looking to grow in terms of market access, revenues, and number of employees, adding value by identifying and realizing win-win opportunities for collaboration with established companies. As with any capital-intensive company, the financing goal for a scaleup is to reward its investors, either by being acquired via an M&A or via an IPO.


Mariano Mayer, Secretary of Entrepreneurs and SMEs. Ministry of Production.