Option Start UP, Paris


Option startup is a program in the city of Paris that aims to incentivise high school students to the possibility of the startup world.

Option Startup is a two-day programme launched in 2015 by the city of Paris, which aims to inspire high school students to become entrepreneurs. More than 3,000 students are immersed in the startup world for two days, where they meet startup founders and managers of innovative businesses in areas that include robotics, data analytics, e-education, video game design, IoT and connected device design. The aim is to provide students with real-world contact and inspire them to pursue an entrepreneurial career path themselves.


Promoting Youth Entrepreneurship (excerpt from Nesta's ‘Idea Bank’ for Local Policymakers):

Various initiatives exist to promote youth entrepreneurship, often led by universities or public-private partnerships. Some focus on teaching the fundamentals of starting a business and providing the appropriate tools; others may focus on promoting role models to inspire budding entrepreneurs, and highlighting entrepreneurship as a viable option alongside more traditional career paths.

From a policy perspective, several policymakers have focused on including entrepreneurship in the school or university curriculum; others have focused more on promoting innovative ideas by means of competitions and hackathons (either within schools or between them). Educating career advisors about the importance of entrepreneurship as a career option, and ensuring that their institution does not have performance indicators which inadvertently bias towards traditional employment, also matters.