Scale Up Acceleration Program


The goal of the program is to increase the survival rate of Poland's startups by fostering opportunities for them to bring their products or services to market and win a crucial contracts. The objective is facilitate use by  innovative entrepreneurs of the infrastructure and experience of medium and large enterprises.

At least 400 startups are expected to take advantage of the opportunity to develop their innovative products and services to the level that will allow them to test them in cooperation with corporate partners. Participants will gain access to an enterprise’s knowledge, experience, sales channels, and physical infrastructure.

Program scope:

  • Conducting business experiments, examining research hypotheses, and testing products and technologies.
  • Implementing pilot projects in cooperation with large enterprises or members of their ecosystem.
  • Mentoring and consulting services.
  • Accessing top experts (specializing in various fields of technological expertise, as well as professional services such as accounting, law or business management).
  • Participating in training courses and workshops.
  • Networking activities that connect startups with large and medium enterprises (potential recipients of their technologies and products).
  • Analyzing contracts (e.g. investment, partnership or license contracts) and company valuation.
  • Developing a model for cooperation between startups and technology recipients.
  • Accessing research infrastructure and experts.
  • Analyzing intellectual property, consultations on IP protection.

To accelerate the development of Polish startups through measures such as testing their products and/or services with medium and large companies, to learn how best to scale their operations.


Eligible participants are legally registered capital companies operating in the Republic of Poland that:

  • Are classified as a micro-enterprise or a small enterprise
  • Has no capital or personal ties to the program operator
  • Has not been listed on a stock exchange for up to five (5) years following its registration
  • Has not paid dividends on its profits and
  • Has not been formed through a merger.

Natural persons not conducting economic activity, and entrepreneurs conducting economic activity in forms other than those described above, are conditionally eligible to participate in the acceleration program provided that they meet the aforementioned requirements before the signing date of the contract.


Polish Agency for Enterprise Development
Polish Agency for Enterprise Development