Belgium: Entrepreneurs for Entrepreneurs recently set up the OVO Acceleration Fund
7 Jun 2019

Entrepreneurs for Entrepreneurs recently set up the OVO Acceleration Fund in conjunction with the King Baudouin Foundation. The fund has attracted a great deal of interest, with 140 people in attendance in the VIP room at OHL Leuven football club.

‘With the OVO Acceleration Fund we want to provide support, in the form of a loan, to African start-ups and entrepreneurs who have little or no access to the financial markets’, said general manager Björn Macauter. Chairman Luc Bonte gave a brief history of OVO, which will celebrate its 20th anniversary next year. Thierry Deflandere, head of the OVO investment team, explained the procedures, in which the Sustainable Technology for Africa organization plays a major role. OVO works for them together with, among others, the Flemish Institute for Technology and Development (VITO) and Thomas More university college. 

VRT journalist and Africa expert Peter Verlinden spoke to everyone in the course of the evening. Four African start-ups presented their project. They were Insects4Life from Ghana, MNB from Rwanda, Microdev from DR Congo and Suzy Farms from Cameroon. The last three already form part of the OVO Acceleration Fund. Fund chair Christ’l Joris was especially charmed by the projects and made an impassioned appeal for a contribution to the OVO Acceleration Fund. 
Entrepreneurs for Entrepreneurs plans to launch a roadshow in various parts of Belgium in the coming months.





Freddy Nurski

Founder and board member | GEN Belgium

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