AutoAgronom from Israel Wins 2014 Cleantech Open Global Ideas
20 Nov 2014

The announcement was made in San Francisco at the Cleantech Open Global Forum (COBF), which marked the finale of this year's Cleantech Open Accelerator, the premier accelerator for clean tech startups, and the culmination of 2014 Cleantech Open Global Ideas, a global search for the most promising clean-technology ideas held annually in conjunction with Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW). The COBF also announced an important milestone: collectively, Cleantech Open US Accelerator alumni companies have raised in excess of one billion dollars in external funding.

AutoAgronom develops smart irrigation and fertilization control systems that allow the grower to significantly increase yields while saving up to 50 percent of water and up to 70 percent of fertilizers. AutoAgronom systems “listen" to the plants by measuring chemical and physical changes in the root zone, understand their needs and supplying the exact quantities in real-time. As a result, the systems provide the crops with the optimal growth conditions (including oxygen availability) throughout the day and the growth cycle. AutoAgronom's systems use drip irrigation and have been successfully installed with over 70 types of crops, in over 13 countries achieving unparalleled economic and environmental results.

The VP of business development, Noam Ilovich, at AutoAgronom had this to say about the company’s win, “AutoAgronom is honored to be the winner of Cleantech Open Global Ideas 2014. It has been an amazing experience to meet the mentors, all of the participating companies, and the investors in one place for a couple of days. The amount of connections we've made and the interest we've received from both the other companies and the potential investors has been astounding."

Rex Northen, executive director of Cleantech Open, made last remarks for the event, "Congratulations to the 2014 winners and finalists. These people and their ideas represent the best in early-stage cleantech innovation and viable solutions to some of the world's toughest energy and environmental challenges."The judges were highly impressed by this year's finalists, reporting that the quality of clean tech startups in the Accelerator and Global Ideas was consistently extremely high. Some of the participating startups reported having received strong expressions of interest from investors who met them at the Investor Connect 'speed-dating' session."

AutoAgronom was selected from a shortlist of five Global Ideas national finalists after an intensive day of judging. The other finalists included:

GasLiner (Latvia)

GasLiner has developed a breakthrough off-pipeline, mobile and multifunctional compressed natural gas (cng) refueling system.

RayGen (Australia)

RayGen’s concentrated solar photovoltaics (cspv) solar generation system combines the best elements of the two leading solar technologies. The system produces clean energy with the twice the efficiency of standard photovoltaics and at much lower costs.

Waynergy (Portugal)

Waynergy is a system that captures the kinetic energy released by people and vehicle motion, and transforms it into electric energy.

Ynsect (France)

Ynsect is focused on the bioconversion of organic resources by insects, and their processing into nutrients for feed applications (proteins, lipids, and others) and non-food applications (polysaccharides and derivatives, organic fertilizers, bioenergy, and others)