Romania Gets Connected
6 Mar 2013

The focus of the 2012 edition of Global Entrepreneurship Week Romania has been ‘connection’, with the most active actors in entrepreneurship getting together to formulate solutions for the future of the startup community and meet the newly formed GEW Romania board.

GEW Innovation Challenge opened the campaign with a clear task for all partners and contributors to this goal: How can we support entrepreneurship education with more positive, visible and accessible role models?

To answer this question, over 60 entrepreneurs, academics and supporters of entrepreneurship met on the 12th of November with Jonathan Ortmans, President of GEW, to learn how startup communities are built around the world and how GEW successes in other campaigns can make a difference in Romania.

The event also introduced the GEW Romania board, who will support the solutions identified by the participants, who proposed to encourage young people through support for agribusiness initiatives, entrepreneurship reality shows, wide spectrum partnerships to revigorate communities through entrepreneurship or school meetings with entrepreneurs.

In schools, the JA Teach Entrepreneurship in School national campaign returned, while last year’s 101 Entrepreneurs in the Classroom returned with greater impact: 182 entrepreneurs offered over 4500 students the opportunity to get a glimpse at what it takes to be an entrepreneur and why it’s well worth the effort.

GEW Romania 2013 partner events also got bigger and better. To name just a few, the Bucharest Tech Feast brought the best of tech entrepreneurship to Romania through Startup Weekend, the How to Web conference and Girls in Tech Romania, Venture Connect provided entrepreneurs with a unique opportunity to meet investors, Enterprise Investors and the Triple Helix recognized Business Champions in Romania, Hub Talks debated on the topic of marketing for good and the social entrepreneurship community joined for Social Enterprise Day through NESsT and the Romanian-American Foundation.

To top national activity, Romania was also present at the Creative Business Cup with a team joining the final of the big competition with support from GEA Strategy and Consulting.

As Jonathan Ortmans wrote about the startup community in Romania after his visit: a key to making further progress in the entrepreneurship global map is to unleash youth entrepreneurship, leveraging the fact that cultural barriers are fading away with each younger generation. The campaign is now well-aligned to join the right actors for this purpose and the hosts and the GEW Romania board are looking forward to the change that next editions will bring.