4.0 Co-investment Fund


The Province of Cordoba's "Innovar & Emprender" Agency implements a ARS$10 million (approximately USD 116,000.00) Seed Fund to co-invest, together with the private sector, in dynamic and innovative ventures that develop Industry 4.0 technologies.  

The fund seeks to accompany entrepreneurial capital investments, particularly seed capital understood as capital for the earlier stages of a new venture. The expected private investor counterparts are those ecosystem actors focused on entrepreneurial capital: accelerators, investment funds and investors. A stated objectives of this instrument is to encourage the risk investment culture in the province of Córdoba among such ecosystem actors. 


This sub-national 4.0 Co-investment Fund has two investment channels: 

  • Mode 1: it co-invests with angel investors, with a public ticket of up to 2 million Argentinean pesos.
  • Mode 2: it co-invests with accelerators and/or investment funds, with a public ticket of 2 million Argentinean pesos.

"Córdoba Innovar y Emprender", a public-private agency created by Law 10351 of the Province of Córdoba. Both State and private sector partners have strong and active participation in the fulfillment of the Agency's objectives.


Eligible applicants are those enterprises located in the Province of Córdoba which develop at least one of the main technologies of industry 4.0 and which meet the following criteria:

  • Having been legally constituted no more than 7 years ago
  • Having at least two members in the entrepreneurial team
  • Having already obtained technical validation: Minimum Viable Product / Functional prototype, with demonstrable traction
  • Being in the seed, early or scaling stage
  • Having secured an investment commitment or an equity investment via an accelerator, investment fund or angel investor

The fund was launched on October 19, 2020 with a call for applications that will remain open until November 20, 2021. If necessary, the program will make new calls until the allocated budget is exhausted or 12 months after the launch.


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Global Entrepreneurship Network
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