GEW 2021 Promotional Toolkit

November 8-14 | #GEW2021


Thank you for getting involved in Global Entrepreneurship Week. The following toolkit is intended to help organizations and individuals spread the word about #GEW2021 – to encourage participation in your activities and to help lift up entrepreneurs in your communities.



Global Entrepreneurship Week is a collection of tens of thousands of activities, competitions and events aimed at making it easier for anyone, anywhere to start and scale a company.

This November 8 - 14, GEW 2021 will rally almost every nation in the world to empower their entrepreneurs and encourage their citizens to become starters – finding new and better ways of doing things. In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic and its unprecedented impact, GEW 2021 is a call to action for all societies to be resilient and come together in leveraging the power of new ideas and innovation for the benefit of all.

Diversity is a driver of innovation and even in the best of times, economies suffer if a group of people are underrepresented or face structural barriers. Global Entrepreneurship Week reaches beyond high- tech startup hubs like Silicon Valley, London and Shanghai – envisioning one entrepreneurial ecosystem open to all, including smaller cities in emerging economies and under-represented communities.

GEW inspires roughly 10 million participants each year to explore their potential while fostering connections and increasing collaboration within their ecosystems to empower entrepreneurs and strengthen communities.

Partners are encouraged to plan activities tailored to their needs. Activities during the Week can range from small, local gatherings to massive international competitions – or anything in between. Meanwhile, a collection of signature activities provide partners with a ready-made offering and a set of instructions to plan a local (or virtual) activity like a Startup Huddle event, Speed Network the Globe session or even a Startup Nations Policy Hack for your community.

While Global Entrepreneurship Week only takes place one week each year, the connections made are long-lasting. GEW serves as an opportunity to collaborate and engage with organizations and individuals to celebrate and spotlight entrepreneurs, expose people to the path of entrepreneurship, help them get started and facilitate access to capital and the resources they need to succeed.

Learn more at GEW.CO or by following @unleashingideas on Twitter.




Use this on all of your social media posts about Global Entrepreneurship Week - #GEW2021


GEW 2021 has four themes that will be examined during the week - Ecosystems, Education, Inclusion and Policy. Learn more about these themes soon on GEW.CO.

  • #Ecosystems
    Use this hashtag when your activity or comment has to do with entrepreneurship ecosystems – local, regional, national or global.
  • #Education
    Use this hashtag when your activity or comment has to do with entrepreneurship education, youth or other related topics.
  • #Inclusion
    Use this hashtag when your activity or comment has to do with eliminating barriers for under-represented groups and communities.
  • #Policy
    Use this hashtag when your activity or comment has to do with ways that government can help entrepreneurs, such as through innovative policies or public programs.


GEW Launch Card

GEW Launch Card


I Am An Entrepreneur

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Startup Huddle

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Be sure to display the official badges on all promotional materials — e.g. flyers, posters, invitations, websites, etc. — as well as in designs for venue branding, where applicable — e.g. banners, stage backdrops, etc.


Official Activity Badge

 GE Week Official Activity Badge



Official GEW 2021 Logo






  • Will you be celebrating this year's Global Entrepreneurship Week? Let us know what activities you have planned for #GEW2021.
  • #GEW2021 will be celebrated from November 8 – 14, with national campaigns in 180+ countries – engaging millions of participants in activities. This week, we are hosting a ____. Register now: {Insert link}
  • Join us in the one week, global celebration to support startups and strengthen entrepreneurial ecosystems. Anyone can take part in #GEW2021. Create your online profile at GEW.CO to get started.

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  • Will you be celebrating this year's Global Entrepreneurship Week? Comment below and let us know what activities you have planned for #GEW2021.
  • #GEW2021 will be celebrated from November 8 – 14, with national campaigns in 180+ countries – engaging millions of participants in activities. This week, we are hosting 'Speed Network the Globe.' The SNTG Signature Activity utilizes one of the most important skills for entrepreneurs: networking. In this Signature Activity, participants will have the opportunity to network and practice their elevator pitch with multiple people who can potentially help them on their entrepreneurial journey. If you participate in this Signature Activity, let us know by using the hashtags #GEW2021 and #SpeedNetworkTheGlobe. Register now: {Insert link}



  • Global Entrepreneurship Week is an international movement – powered by thousands of partner organizations dedicated to making it possible for anyone, anywhere to start and scale a company.
  • GEW 2021 will be celebrated from November 8 – 14, 2021, with national campaigns in 180+ countries – engaging millions of participants inactivities.
  • GEW is not a single event – it is tens of thousands of events, activities and competitions that take place all around the world simultaneously.
  • Anyone can take part in Global Entrepreneurship Week, create your online profile at GEW.CO to get started.
  • Join the global conversation about supporting startups and strengthening entrepreneurial ecosystems using the official social media hashtag #GEW2021.
  • Powered by the Kauffman Foundation, Global Entrepreneurship Week unleashes more than $150 million to support entrepreneurs each November – from large, national campaigns down to small, local activities and everything in between.
  • Global Entrepreneurship Week is more than just an awareness initiative – it is a platform for connection and collaboration, which works to strengthen entrepreneurial ecosystems around the world.
  • GEW empowers entrepreneurs at all stages – stand, start, scale and exit – and inspires even more to take their first step.
  • GEW engages all parts of the startup ecosystem – entrepreneurs, investors, researchers, policymakers, corporates and more – to strengthen and connect communities around the world.



GEN is looking for concise articles from its partners sharing details of their planned activities for Global Entrepreneurship Week. Through our entire collection of posts on the site, we aim to demonstrate the size and scale of Global Entrepreneurship Week with overall diversity in terms of geography, gender, race/ethnicity, age and more.



  • Well-written and high-quality original post related to Global Entrepreneurship Week, partners and events to promote the weeklong celebration
  • Post should be roughly 250 – 500 words
  • Proper attribution of data, quotations, and other third-party content referenced in the article
  • Short (2-3 sentences) author bio and photo



  • 250 – 500 word blog post
  • Short (2-3 sentences) author bio and headshot photo
  • URL link to your existing GEN Global personal profile page – if you don’t have one, sign up at
  • Please make sure your proper title and organization are included
  • Suggested headline
  • High-resolution, horizontal picture or image (typically 1 MB or larger)



  • Tone should match that of other posts on the GEN Global website – substantive and informative but accessible, not overly formal or academic.
  • Posts should avoid excessive self-promotion or hype-laden marketing language.
  • Posts should be submitted in HTML or in a Word document with links fully embedded.



  • You may submit one (1) photo of high quality high that is relevant to the post content – no clip art or blurry, pixelated images. Images must be 1140 x 475. Low-quality photos or photos with the wrong dimensions may not be used.
  • Proper attribution should be included at the bottom of the post as follows:
    [image credit: Name]
  • You must provide assurance that you may freely dispose of the rights to use the work and that there are no rights of third parties that prevent the free use of the work by the Global Entrepreneurship Network, in particular no copyright, trademark, personal or other protective rights.



  • Based on volume, the GEN Global communications team will review and publish select articles from GEW partners. GEN reserves the right to edit and adapt guest posts or in some cases to reject them.



  • Articles should be emailed to Julia DiLeo, digital communications associate, at