Cordoba Scales


The "Córdoba Escala" Program has a duration of three months, and offers the following benefits to selected dynamic and innovative ventures: 

  • Alliance with the Association of Private Entrepreneurial and Seed Capital (ARCAP) and Entrepreneurial Capital institutions and angel investors.
  • Mentoring and valuable connections with Endeavor Córdoba and its network of seasoned entrepreneurs, startup entrepreneurs and investors.
  • Alliance with the ProCórdoba Agency to advance in the internationalization of the venture (with a focus on Chile, Peru, Mexico and Colombia) and the possibility of accessing the benefits of the FExIC Fund.
  • Contact with leaders, business references and partner companies of the United States Chamber of Commerce in Argentina (AmCham Argentina).
  • Access to the Amazon Web Services Activate Program, credits and technology training.

The Cordoba Agency for Innovation and Entrepreneurship ("Agencia Córdoba Innovar & Emprender"), a public-private agency entitiy created by law in the Province of Córdoba in 2016. 


Elegible dynamic and innovative ventures ("empredimientos dinámicos e innovadores" - EDIs) are those that: 

  • Have been incorporated in the province of Córdoba;
  • Have been in existence for up to seven years;
  • Have received an investment of entrepreneurial capital (from entrepreneurial capital institutions and / or angel investors).
  • Are led by entrepreneurial team with talent, experience and dedication.
  • Show great potential for internationalization and growth, or be close to a new round of entrepreneurial capital.

Companies that have been co-invested by the "Córdoba Innovar & Emprender" Agency are eligible.


First call for applications was opened between September 29, 2020 and October 8, 2020.


General goal: 

  • Contribute to the scale-up process of dynamic and innovative ventures which are in advanced stages and have been invested in the province of Córdoba, through a network of allies that can add value to the process of internationalization and raising of entrepreneurial capital.

Specific goals:

  • Design a network of allies to scale that adds value to dynamic and innovative ventures in the province of Córdoba.
  • Generate linking activities between these ventures and other relevant actors of local and foreign ecosystems that can add value to their internationalization process.
  • Strengthen these venture's alliances between mentors, entrepreneurs and leaders to promote the development of their businesses.
  • Promote the link between dynamic and innovative ventures and actors and institutions of entrepreneurial capital (angel investors, accelerators, investment funds) to advance in investment rounds and knowledge of the practice.


Córdoba Innovation and Entrepreneurship Agency
Córdoba Innovation and Entrepreneurship Agency