Startup Huddle Dhaka's 53: Business Automation: Do things smartly in your Venture

Activity Description

Startup Huddle Dhaka is going to host its 53rd event on 09 June 2021. It's is a joint program with Impactors Connect and Daffodil Family. On this day, Mr. Jafat Ahmed Patwary who is the GM of DCL will discuss about their different ERPs which can help and support the Startups. After that, he will be asked some questions by Asif Iqbal who is Leading Startup Huddle Dhaka, and finally interact with the audience.

Startup Huddle is a program designed to help one entrepreneur at a time while strengthening the local ecosystem. Entrepreneurs discover solutions to the challenges they face through purposeful engagement with a broad array of voices from their local community. The Startup Huddle format is consistent in each location: at a consistent meeting place, one or two early-stage startup founders give a six-minute presentation about their company to a diverse audience from their local community. Each presentation is followed by a 20-minute question and answer session where the community provides ideas, connections, and feedback for the entrepreneur. By providing a weekly meet-up for the local ecosystem, Startup Huddle builds community – one entrepreneur at a time.

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