Ask Me Anything: Winning the Global Startup Battle
6 Jan 2015

During Global Entrepreneurship Week, ConceptKicker won the 2014 Global Startup Battle, the largest startup competition in the world. The team built their business idea in 54 hours during a Startup Weekend Vancouver event and went on to compete against 25,000 entrepreneurs from 83 countries.

So what is ConceptKicker’s winning idea? A platform that allows artist to transform their 2D character concept art into 3D printed figures that could then be sold to fans on a crowdfunding platform. Artists upload their 2D work and have fans back the project. Once it reaches the purchasing threshold, ConceptKicker turns the artwork into a 3D model, prints it, and ships it to fans. ConceptKicker empowers artists to live out their passion for art by being able to sell directly to their fans.

“We hope that we can revolutionize the art world the same way that Air B&B and Uber are revolutionizing the hotel and taxi industry,” Denny Hollick, ConceptKicker co-founder, said in a recent Vancity Buzz article. “We want to connect artists directly with their customers. Our goal by 2016 is to have every concept artist use ConceptKicker as their go-to place to turn their 2D art to life.”

Last month, Hollick took to Reddit to participate in an “Ask Me Anything” (AMA) forum to discuss Startup Weekend, cat allergies, the value of higher level education and the future of 3D printing. A rapidly growing field with endless potential, 3D printing is at the core of ConceptKicker’s startup.

“3D printing is still in its infancy and quality still is lacking at the consumer level. Costs are high at the professional level. It will be quite a few years before I think 3D printing at home can happen with high-quality and on the cheap. We'll always be ahead of the curve with the newest tech for the growth stages of our business,” said Hollick during his AMA.

“The key isn't so much in 3D printing, but in the modelling. We are more of a service than anything at this point… Right now there's a huge market gap. It will take five to eight years before these gaps are even remotely starting to find solutions. Most artists don't have the time to learn how to 3Dmodel, since it's still too technical at the moment.”

Hollick’s advice to budding entrepreneurs? “Test your idea, and see what happens. From there, make it bigger and better. Make your idea as simple as possible. It doesn't need bells and whistles to start.”

For more on the AMA, visit Reddit.

[Image Source: Up Global]