Four Startups to Watch from the Global Entrepreneurship Congress
28 Apr 2015

During last month’s Global Entrepreneurship Congress, a variety of players from the global entrepreneurship ecosystem met in Milan to share ideas and network. Among these players were a number of impressive entrepreneurs, eager to change the world for the better with their startups. From presenting on the main stage to battling opponents in a mock ring to rapping their startup pitches, these entrepreneurs left a lasting impact on fellow Congress attendees.


BreezoMeter is the first real time air quality and health recommendation platform for consumers and businesses. Since winning Startup Open during Global Entrepreneurship Week last fall, the Israeli startup has continued to grow. Ziv Lautman, cofounder of BreezoMeter, took the stage during the Start + Scale Forum at the Congress to share his experience of building an app that reads the air quality of users based on location. Earlier this month, Lautman traveled to Geneva where BreezoMeter was chosen as one of six, out of an initial 200 startups, to present in front of the United Nations as a company that can contribute to addressing today’s social and environmental challenges, through new groundbreaking ideas that can become successful business.

“At BreezoMeter, we believe air quality should be as simple, intuitive and actionable as weather. And more importantly – accessible to everyone,” said Lautman.

BreezoMeter is now available as an app, a website plugin, a Google Chrome extension and its air quality API even has a Slack integration – convenient since both the BreezoMeter and the Global Entrepreneurship Network teams are big fans of the team communication platform.

Choo Choo Baby Carriers

Choo Choo Baby Carriers got ‘in the ring’ on the last day of the Global Entrepreneurship Congress to prove that they had what it takes to be the most promising startup. This was a bit of redemption for the startup from Moldova that won the Eastern Europe Regional Finals during Global Entrepreneurship Week and competed in the global finals in Rotterdam in November. The Choo Choo baby carrier is natural, stylish, and compact, giving active parents a bonding experience with their baby. By tackling the new parent market, Choo Choo is largely unique in the realm of GEN competition participants.


Canada-based Denny Hollick and his Startup Weekend Vancouver team won the Global Startup Battle last fall with ConceptKicker. Built over the course of an intensive long weekend, ConceptKicker offers 3-D printing to artists looking to bring their art to life. Hollick presented ConceptKicker during the Start + Scale Forum portion of the Congress and competed in the Battle of Ideas. Both BreezoMeter’s Lautman and Hollick won prizes for their performances at the Battle of Ideas.

“The real opportunity came from meeting a bunch of really inspiring and tenacious entrepreneurs,” said Hollick of his experience at the Congress last month. “When I see how hard they are all working and have put everything on the line it reminds me how being an entrepreneur is really the road less travelled.”

Professor Why

The creative industries were on everyone’s minds at the Congress when Rasmus Wiinstedt Tscherning, managing director of the Creative Business Cup, took the stage during the Research + Policy Summit to discuss the European Creative Industries Alliance.

One day earlier, cofounder of Professor Why Mateusz Marmołowski took the stage during the Start + Scale Forum to discuss his startup, which won Creative Business Cup 2014 last fall. The Polish startup is revolutionizing how learning occurs – creating a virtual lab allowing students to experiment and test their imaginations in a safe environment.