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GEW and the Way Forward― A message by Meegan Scott

Rudi Page of the UK Diaspora Connect and Making Connections Work will also bring a message later in the Week.

Article on Inclusive Business and Opportunities for Caribbeans at The Bottom-of-The Pyramid.


About Meegan Scott

Meegan Scott, B.Sc. Hons, MBA, CTM, ATM-B, CL, PMP is on a mission to help organizations and entrepreneurs grow profitable high-performance organizations. Corporate strategy planning, marketing, execution, international trade, private sector development and performance improvement falls within her practice terrain. She has a track recording of helping client entrepreneurs to secure eighty percent (80%) to one hundred percent (100%) of available funding. She is founder and owner of the Strategic Management and International Development Practise― Magate Wildhorse Ltd, in Toronto.

A member of the Association for Strategic Planning (ASP); a former member of two business incubation associations, Ms. Scott has authored articles, blog posts, and developed educational content for and hosted a small business television series. She has hosted workshops and designed international panel discussions on topics related to creating a nurturing environment for businesses. In addition, Meegan has addressed issues related to small business and business incubation on radio.

She has presented at conferences, taught business at the professional and post-secondary levels; as well as served as rapporteur at conferences and summits.

She has founded both The Community of Practice for Caribbean Immigrant Entrepreneurs; and Caribbean Evaluators International with direct diaspora to home; and home to diaspora membership with unapologetic deliberateness and determination.

Meegan believes in ensuring migration pays off for host and home countries with an equitable trickle down to the individual level.  She aims to drive those results by leveraging market systems development, international trade, BIDEM 2020, The Community of Practice, and helping organizations to measure, learn, and adapt their private sector development programmes for best desired results.

She is convinced that demonstrating the symbols of our social and economic freedom is overdue, and we must act collectively to make that change.

Meegan hails from Jamaica.