Government Supports GEW Canada
20 Nov 2015

Futurpreneur Canada is pleased by the show of support for GEW 2015 and Canadian entrepreneurs made by governments at all levels in Canada.  Elected officials across the country have raised their voices to recognize and celebrate our innovators and job creators and the impact that they make.

At the municipal level, the GEW flag was proudly flown at 8 city halls across the country – several accompanied by flag raising ceremonies with entrepreneurs, partners and Mayors or members of council in attendance. The City of Windsor even issued an official proclamation of GEW along with the flag raising ceremony.

At the provincial level, 7 provinces issued statements in support of Global Entrepreneurship Week, consisting of press releases and minister’s statements in the legislature such as this one.

At the federal level, we are delighted that the newly elected Prime Minister and Minister of Small Business and Tourism released official statements in support of Global Entrepreneurship Week. Please see the statement from the Prime Minister here and from the Minister of Small Business and Tourism here.

Finally, at the international level, world leaders from the G20 nations met in Antalya, Turkey for the G20 Summit and released an official communiqué that highlights the importance of youth entrepreneurship. The communiqué states that G20 leaders are   “determined to support the better integration of our young people into the labour market including through the promotion of entrepreneurship”. Read the full release here. This is the first time youth entrepreneurship has been mentioned in the G20 communique!

As the official host of GEW Canada and a founding member of the G20 Young Entrepreneurs’ Alliance, Futurpreneur Canada is very encouraged by these expressions of support from elected officials at home and around the world. We look forward to working together to advance entrepreneurship - and especially youth entrepreneurship!