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Entrepreneurs to Embrace Excellence and Reject Law of Jante

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In the February issue of Entrepreneur Magazine, Editor-in-Chief Amy Cosper outlines the difficulties entrepreneurs often face and advises them to embrace excellence.

You are the leader—not only the leader of your destiny, but a leader to the people who believe in you: employees, investors, customers and evangelists. This makes you vulnerable. You are the one who will herald the next generation of … something. And you are the one who will keep the lights on. Being vulnerable and keeping that sense of honesty is what makes you an entrepreneur. It separates you from the corporate world and makes you fallible—and also, heroic.

During Global Entrepreneurship Week last November, Cosper attended the Creative Business Cup finals in Copenhagen as a judge where she witnessed a celebration of excellence and innovation.

CTAdventure, a Polish startup re-imagining education by involving users in a creative learning process in important areas such as chemistry, physics, and math using modern technology like augmented reality, took home the top prize at the event, as well as the title of most creative startup.

As entrepreneurship becomes a more accepted alternative to the corporate grind, a global mindset shift is being felt in favor of startups.

In the Nordic countries there is a deeply held principle about standing out from the crowd. It’s called the Law of Jante, and it essentially states that if you call too much attention to yourself, you will be denounced, and you must retreat. Everyone is equal. So stop being so excellent. This idea flies in the face of reason and the very philosophy of entrepreneurship. And even in the countries that hold this idea true, things are changing. 

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In March, Cosper will be traveling to Milan to speak at the upcoming Global Entrepreneurship Congress March 16-19, 2015. Check out the GEC website and join startup champions from over 150 countries.

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