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More than 5000 innovative young people are ready for Danish Entrepreneurship Award 2015

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On 19 November, during the Global Entrepreneurship Week, the entrepreneurial youth of Denmark will compete on ideas and creative solutions at the Danish Entrepreneurship Award 2015. 14 impressive ideas will be awarded prizes, and the young creators and inventors will be applauded on stage by thousands of participants at this festive event.
When the event starts at 10 AM, thousands of Danish pupils and student will pitch their ideas and innovative solutions to more than 220 business men and women, who will judge the ideas and give feedback to the hopeful pupils and students.
The participants come from all over the country and after the judges have given their votes, the 14 best ideas, projects and products will be awarded prizes in six competitions. The winners will get flowers, cheques and cheers on the big stage in front of more than 5000 people.
”The ideas are always impressive and there are a lot of ideas with great potential. This indicates that many young people in Denmark have the ability to create the country’s future growth businesses. I hope that this event will give the young people lots of new knowledge and learning which they can use to continue working with their ideas,” says Christian Vintergaard, CEO of the Danish Foundation for Entrepreneurship.
But Danish Entrepreneurship Award is not just about winning a prize. The event also focuses on creating a lot of learning opportunities for the pupils and students, so there will be a range of inspirational lectures, interesting workshops and competent consultancy services, where the young people could find help to get on with their idea.
The Danish Entrepreneurship Award 2015 is organised by the Danish Foundation for Entrepreneurship in cooperation with Trekantområdet Danmark as part of the Global Entrepreneurship Week Denmark.
Visit our website at http://eng.award2015.dk/
For further information please contact Berit Ulriksen, Head of Information:Berit@ffe-ye.dk and +45 3175 3481

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