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Paving the way for a new generation of entrepreneurs

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This year Global Entrepreneurship Week Denmark puts a spotlight on the next generation of entrepreneurs and job creators.
Analyses show that Denmark has to live of innovation in the future. We cannot compete with other countries when it comes to pay and expense levels and we are not alone when it comes to having a highly educated workforce. Therefore, we are in need of entrepreneurs, who dare, want and are able to start new businesses and make them flourish.
But how can we get more young people to see entrepreneurship as a viable occupation and not just as risky business?
Research show that if we want to create more entrepreneurs the best place to start is by instilling an entrepreneurial mindset as early as possible and the best way of doing so is through education.
By introducing entrepreneurship early on, the students’ level of involvement and their entrepreneurial intention increase significantly and they take on a more positive attitude towards entering the field of entrepreneurship.
“We need more people to take the plunge and become entrepreneurs. We are dependent on entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship in the ongoing development of our society and to secure future growth and employment. Our educational institutions are the most significant arena for entrepreneurship. It’s where our future value creators are shaped. Through education we can make the next generation believe that entrepreneurship is a viable occupation,” says Sine Larsen, Project Manager at Global Entrepreneurship Week Denmark.
Entrepreneurship knows no borders
Behind this year’s Global Entrepreneurship Week is The Danish Foundation for Entrepreneurship; a national knowledge centre working with entrepreneurship education at all levels of the system from primary schools to PhD. The Foundation is focusing on the long term outcome and instilling enterprising behaviour in students of all ages in the hope that the country will be able to raise a generation of entrepreneurial natives.
The Foundation is working closely together with the Danish Business Authorities and there will still be an excess of events aimed at the established entrepreneurial community I Denmark or those almost ready to start their own business.
Global Entrepreneurship Week Denmark is only four weeks away

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