Ciputra - Metra Telkom
26 Oct 2015

As series of event during the month of November 2015, Ciputra Foundation was conducting Entrepreneurship Camp with Corporate Entrepreneurs of Metra Telkom, the holding company of Telkom Group which is the largest Telco with 150 million users in Indonesia. The purpose of the 2-day camp which was the first of three 2-day camps to be conducted during November and December 2015 was to introduce how entrepreneurship can help corporation in catapulting their business performance through creation of new innovations within the company. The second 2-day camp will be conducted in mid November and the third 2-day camp will take place in the beginning with December where all participants will pitch their project proposals in front of the judges coming from the customers, shareholders and observers.  

Ivan Sandjaja

Managing Director | GEN Indonesia

Ivan A. SANDJAJA, a native to Indonesia, received his degrees in Chemical Engineering and Chemistry from Berlin, Germany and San Diego, California… More